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CDT 2014: Dental Procedure Codes - J014

CDT 2014: Dental Procedure Codes - J014
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CDT 2014: Dental Procedure Codes recognizes that more accurate coding and quicker reimbursement depends on codes which clearly document a service to a patient and consider the latest clinical advances.

CDT 2014:
• Revises caries risk assessment codes to provide a standard means of reporting, especially useful in public health and Medicaid dentistry
• Provides distinct codes for core build up and crown placement, acknowledging that a core build up is not always a precursor to a crown
• Divides implant surgery into stages, each with its own procedure code, for easy documentation if each stage is done by a separate dentist. Also includes codes for mini implants
• Reflects new guidance from the American Association of Endodontists with separate codes for pulpal regeneration and apexification/recalcification
• Contains simplified descriptors for orthodontic procedure codes based on recommendations from the American Association of Orthodontists
• Replaces two “by report” codes from the prosthodontics section with codes for specific procedures, eliminating the need – and extra work – of a narrative report
• Includes a new subcategory of service for fabrication of medicament carriers
Code changes include:
• 29 new procedure codes
• 18 revised procedure codes
• 4 deleted procedure codes
• 7 changes to the subcategories and their descriptors

Spiral bound book lays flat for easy reference. Book includes a 2012 claim form and searchable CD-ROM for quick code look up.