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Toothflix 2.0 Reception Area DVD - X832

Toothflix 2.0 Reception Area DVD - X832
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Start educating patients right in your reception room! An appealing mix of live characters and 3-D graphics make Toothflix 2.0 an essential educational tool—and it’s so simple, your entire staff can use it. Show Toothflix videos before a procedure, run the DVD on a loop, or take the DVD to school visits or group home presentations. And because Toothflix comes from the ADA, patients know it is information they can trust. Each segment runs 2-3 minutes. This DVD contains both English and Spanish versions of each video, with optional subtitles. For instructions and system requirements, click on the sample icon. Includes the following videos:
1. Taking Care of Your Teeth and Gums
2. Smile Makeover
3. Healthy Mouth Healthy Body
4. Preventing Periodontal Disease
5. Sip and Snack all Day
6. Tooth Decay – NEW!
7. TMJ – NEW!
8. Your Child’s Teeth: Birth to Age 5
9. Your Child’s Teeth: Ages 6-12
10. Why Doesn’t My Insurance Pay for This?