Life After Dentistry - P037
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Life After Dentistry - P037

Life After Dentistry - P037
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Life After Dentistry is the self-help version of the Life After Dentistry Retirement Workshop. It provides truly unique insights, practical guidance, and strategies to ensure that your retirement will be worthwhile and enjoyable.We went to the experts. Not to the self-proclaimed retirement experts, but to 575 retired dentists (your retirement mentors) who share their experiences, impressions and advice on retirement. This research is current, unique and exclusive to Life After Dentistry.The workbook includes our exclusive self-help Life Goal Planning Workshop to ensure that satisfactions lost from work will be met in retirement, it provides the crucial link between Life Goal and financial planning to truly personalize your financial plan, and much, much more.Life After Dentistry is an easy-to-read and practical book that reflects the needs of today┬╣s retirees and elevates retirement lifestyle planning to a new standard.

Book, 213 pages. Written by Alan Roadburg PhD

ISBN - 978-0-9811740-7-5