Dental Crowns - Toothflix 2.0 Video Streaming - ADA X846T
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Dental Crowns - Toothflix 2.0 Video Streaming - X846T

Dental Crowns - Toothflix 2.0 Video Streaming - X846T
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Most of your patients have probably heard about dental crowns, but they may not realize exactly why they’re beneficial or how they stay on. Dental Crowns walks patients through the process of placing a crown, and why they’d need one to start with.


• English and Spanish languages
• 3D animation of crown placement
• Easy-to-understand procedural steps


• Run time of 2:53 minutes

It’s important that your patients understand the many different reasons a crown is an appropriate option. As a conversation-starter and an educational resource, this video is perfect for those looking to provide patients with stunning visuals and a basic understanding of dental crowns. From restoring a treated tooth to making a cosmetic improvement, crowns are the versatile option that your patients should know about.

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