Dudley's Classroom Adventure - ADA Video Streaming - ADA X857T
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Dudley's Classroom Adventure - ADA Video Streaming - X857T

Dudley's Classroom Adventure - ADA Video Streaming - X857T
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Good oral health involves more than brushing and flossing – fluoride, diet, and mouth guards also are a big help. In this video from the ADA, Dudley learns all about these types of dental care in a relatable classroom environment, educating your young patients in the process. Dudley’s Classroom Adventure is a fun and informative streaming video that details oral health with beneficial tips and guidelines.


• Tips for maintaining a healthy mouth
• Guidelines for using mouthguards and fluoride
• Description of a sealant
• English language


• Run time of 9:02 minutes

Brushing and flossing are a great start to oral health, but there’s a lot more to learn in addition to that. With this video, we find Dudley the Dinosaur being educated in the classroom on a series of subjects. Topics featured in the video include how fluoride strengthens teeth, why a nutritious diet benefits oral health, when and how to use mouthguards, and what a sealant is.

Each Dudley video you purchase is instantly accessible through your online ADA e-bookshelf. To learn more about the entire Toothflix video series, visit ADA.org/toothflix. Order Dudley’s Classroom Adventure – ADA streaming video today to keep your young patients informed on good oral hygiene practices.


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