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ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer 6 Month - CPS-APP03

ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer 6 Month - CPS-APP03
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Free six month access to the ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer is now available to all ADA members! (one time use only)

The ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer is a tool meant to help you analyze the financial impact of a payer's rates to your practice. It is based on information and assumptions provided by you regarding the payer's reimbursement rates and restrictions as well as your practice's goals and financial situation.

Click here to watch an archived webinar the ADA recently hosted. Learn how to use the ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer to help you make informed choices about dental benefit plan participation.

* After you subscribe to the ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer, you will need to create an account with Sikka Software at https://ada.sikkasoft.com/register.aspx, download the Sikka Platform Utility and install it on the same computer your practice management system’s server is on. The utility will auto-detect your practice management system and start syncing relevant data. After a few hours of server syncing you can visit https://ada.sikkasoft.com, login using your new Sikka credentials (email, and password) and start your analysis.

For a list of practice management systems supported by Sikka's Platform Utility - https://www.sikkasoft.com/pms-fs-supported-by-spu/.