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Image is Everything: The Power of 3D Ultra-Low Dose Imaging in Dentistry
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In this presentation, Dr. Antenucci will address a rationale and approach for optimal and routine radiographic imaging in clinical dentistry with 3D. Both 2D imaging such as panoramic images and panoramic bite wings, as well as 3D imaging using Ultra low Dose Conebeam technology are incorporated to achieve optimal treatment planning for the patient best care.  Protocols in imaging have changed dramatically over the course of this past decade with the introduction of new technologies that allow dentists to visualize problems and structures in infinite detail while delivering less radiation to the patient than with traditional imaging techniques. ALARA was yesterday's standard when considering diagnostic radiation and patient health and safety - ALADA is today's standard.   Today’s advanced imaging allows superior diagnosis at lower doses of radiation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Differentiate between ALARA and ALADA
  2. Utilize better treatment planning techniques with new digital technologies
  3. Recognize the proper protocols so Ultra Low Dose Conbeam x-rays do not over radiate your patient and is still diagnostic

This course is sponsored by Planmeca.

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