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Local Anesthesia Parts 6 & 7: Local and Systemic Complications
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Updated for 2018

Complications associated with local anesthetic administration are rare. This program discusses complications occurring in and around the site of local anesthetic drug administration - facial nerve paralysis, hematoma, paresthesia, trismus and needle breakage, their prevention, recognition and management as well as the two systemic adverse drug reactions – allergy and overdose – are reviewed as each relates to the administration of local anesthetic drugs.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Name 5 localized complications associated with administration of dental local anesthetics
  2. Discuss the mechanism of and signs & symptoms associated with multiple complications
  3. Name the three systemic adverse drug reactions (ADRs)
  4. Discuss the differences between allergy & overdose
  5. List the components of a local anesthetic cartridge and potential allergic reactions
  6. Describe the signs & symptoms of local anesthetic overdose
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