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Diabetes Mellitus and the Dental Professional
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Diabetes Mellitus affects over 29 million Americans and it is likely that dental offices are treating these patients on a daily basis. This presentation will summarize the evidence-based relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus and will identify the special considerations involved in treating this subset of our patient population. Preparation of oral healthcare providers to have a positive impact on this healthcare crisis will be provided along with an outline for enhanced collaboration with members of the other healthcare professions. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define, and describe signs and symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus.
  2. Identify risk factors and systemic complications of diabetes.
  3. Discuss oral complications and management considerations for the dental patient with diabetes.
  4. Demonstrate oral diseases/conditions related to diabetes.
  5. Discuss strategies for Oral Healthcare Professionals to assess patient’s self-reported risk factors, and specific intraoral markers as part of a reliable screening protocol that helps identify potential pre-diabetics/diabetics for appropriate physician referral.
  6. Embrace the dental office setting as a front-line interceptor of the diabetes epidemic.


The number of people living with diabetes will increase significantly in the future. The complications associated with diabetes can be directly linked to the level of glycemic control achieved. Dental professionals have an important role to play in the recognition, identification and management of the diabetic patient. Medical and dental professionals must work together to achieve the best results for people with diabetes and the community.


  1. Introduction
    1. Types of Diabetes
      1. Pre-diabetes
      2. Type 2
      3. Type1
    2. Systemic Complications of Diabetes
  2. Diabetes & Periodontal Disease
    1. Impact
    2. Increased risks
  3. Diabetic Patients In The Dental Office
    1. Potential Diabetic Office Emergencies
    2. Clinical Implications Of Treating PWD
    3. Dentist’s Role


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