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Futureproof Your Practice Part 2: Leading Your Team
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There is no worse feeling for a dentist /owner, than to wonder if the most recent cancellation is just another indication of a long term problem that will result in an empty reception from that day forward. Anxiety and fear comes from a feeling of not being in control of the past, present or future outcomes of your business. When that occurs, even tremendous success is viewed through the lens of scarcity. Hope comes from an ability to pro-actively predict the coming opportunities and challenges that can affect your practice and more importantly knowing you have the right solutions to address these issues successfully. In this four-part series, Amy Morgan will reveal the 4 Must-Haves that will ensure your practice’s growth and stability in any and all economies!


Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover the keys to creating inspired, effective self-directed team members who want to do what you want them to do.
  2. Learn what creates performance shortfalls and more important – how to address them to create change.
  3. Create the best staff management tool chest (Employee policy handbook, job descriptions, training plans) to educate, motivate and compensate your team to high performance.
  4. Learn how to write effective job descriptions that motivate new and long term employees to continually improve and grow.
  5. Develop compensation and reward models that inspires superstars.


Part 2: Leading your Team- In this webinar the dentist/team leader(s) will learn the secrets to creating a motivated, engaged, self-directed team. Through black and white job descriptions, policy guidelines, effective coaching and dynamic compensation and reward models you can inspire each individual team member to WANT to do what you WANT them to do.



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