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Leadership Institute - Aspects of Leadership
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This course consists of a one-hour interview with Dr. David Whiston, former president of the ADA and of the ADA Foundation, as conducted by Gene Wurth, Executive Director of the ADA Foundation.  In this interview Dr. Whiston considers many aspects of leadership and how he managed those during his career, as well as suggestions for others about how to develop leadership skills.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the key characteristics of a leader
  2. Understand the importance of communication skills
  3. Appreciate the importance of a clear organizational mission
  4. Identify the various dimensions of leadership and ways to modify decisions and actions to those dimensions
  5. Adapt leadership skills to changing conditions
  6. Understand the importance of developing a strong leader-staff relationship for the good of the organization



This course offers an overview of several key aspects of leadership, including the most important traits of a leader, how leadership is developed, key challenges that leaders face, how leaders get started, and more.



  1. The Concept of Leadership
    1. Defining leadership
    2. Why are some leaders effective?
    3. Core characteristics of leaders
    4. Leading vs. managing
  2. Aspects of Leadership
    1. Integrity
    2. Vision
    3. Communication skills – the ability to tell a story
    4. Persistence
    5. Identifying and developing talent
  3. Adapting Leadership to Circumstances
    1. Financial challenges
    2. Volunteer issues
    3. The size and nature of the organization
    4. Defining success
  4. Leadership and Mission
    1. Importance of the mission
    2. Ensuring that other leaders of the organization accept that mission
    3. Ensuring that staff “buy in” to the mission
    4. Getting volunteer acceptance of the mission
  5. Leadership and Followership
    1. How is that connection established
  6. Dimensions of Leadership
    1. Across the lateral dimension
    2. In the vertical dimension
  7. Getting Started on a Leadership Path
    1. What attracts a potential leader
    2. Seeking a position vs. being nominated
    3. The role of mentoring
  8. The Rewards and Disappointments of being a Leader
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