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Leadership Institute - Leadership in Action
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Leading teams, building trust and balancing democracy vs. control to achieve results and sustain engagement by team members.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn where you belong in the work equation
  2. Learn how and when to trust effectively
  3. Learn how to facilitate and orchestrate as a leader
  4. Find ways to promote democracy while retaining control
  5. Learn how to do more than just meet your objectives



Point # 1: Leaders must have vision and communicate well. You must see a better world and help other people see it.
Point # 2: “One finger cannot lift a pebble.”
Point # 3: The Leadership Dilemma: People prefer democracy but Leaders feel responsible and take control, reducing democracy.
Point # 4: The Most Effective Leaders are Facilitators - Because no one can do everything
Point # 5: Focus on Learning. Don’t just achieve your Performance Goals, but also Add to What You Know
Point # 6: Your values should drive your actions: Share them. Also, maximize value, not profit.
Point # 7: Three Basic Leadership Roles: Team Builders, Decision Makers, Negotiators
Point # 8: Trust is Essential

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