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Leadership Institute - Writing Compelling Resolutions
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Dr. Glen Hall, Speaker of the ADA House of Delegates presents the essential qualities of a clear resolution for definitive action by governance bodies, including special aspects of ADA House of Delegates process.  Content include making resolutions complete, providing necessary background, proper use of resolving clauses, distinguishing proposed policy from directives, rules and best practices for  amending resolutions, opportunities for withdrawing resolutions, and the importance of including financial implications.


Learning Objectives:

  1. What makes a resolution ready for action by a governance body.
  2. How to include necessary background information and relevant opinion.
  3. Best practices for multi-part actions.
  4. The contrast between policy and directive resolutions.
  5. Amending resolutions in clearest ways for governing bodies.


At the national, state and local levels of the American Dental Association, one element of effective, efficient governance is the process for generating formal association policy.  This in turn hinges on the ability of governance participants to propose and further perfect clear resolutions.  In this course, Dr. Glen Hall, Speaker of the American Dental Association House of Delegates, provides guidance and examples on developing clear resolutions as part of the governance process at all levels.



  1. Basics of Resolution Writing
  2. Resolving Clause
  3. Amendments and Substitute Resolutions
  4. Frequently Used Terms
  5. Policy and Directive Resolutions
  6. Withdrawal of Resolutions
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